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Dear Customers

Welcome to the page of our terms of sale. Please take carefully read before purchasing. Here you will find information about:




You can contact us directly by email at alternatively by telephone from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30 at our office in:
- ABANO TERME, Viale delle Terme 151, Tel. +39 049 860 22 88


The vision of the products on the website does not imply a legally binding offer, but simply a free online catalog. In order to provide the customer with the widest guarantees of purchase we predicted different options all accessible via the button MAKE YOUR OFFER which provides the ability to:
a) carry out a personal economic evaluation of the object by communicating through the board. The following is a non-binding direct contact between you and Antichi Splendori, after an eventual achievement of an economic agreement, with the client it will agreed upon the methods of payment and the delivery method of the goods.
b) booking the item filling in the form that will appear once you select the button, confirm an intention to purchase. You will receive an order confirmation email where you will be asked to enter data regarding the success (delivery method preferes, special requests, etc..). Upon completion of the steps and after the successful payment, Antichi Splendori will start the delivery method procedure agreed with the buyer.
To further protect the customer who completes the purchase in MAKE YOUR OFFER, we reserve the right of withdrawal directly at our headquarters in Abano Terme. The customer will be hosted at one of the hotels in our thermal area for a 2-day stay for 2 persons *, it will be sufficient that the customer options the object with a deposit of 10% of the estimated value. This does not bind the outright purchase of that chosen item , it will be given the opportunity to the customer to replace the object with any other good, even with lower estimated value, present in our shop.

*stay in full board to be agreed with the customer depending on the availability of the hotel, exclude periods during the high season, Christmas, New Year and Easter.


We wish to inform you that our company is carried out at the treatment of your personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003. According to this law, the treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness , transparency and protection of your privacy in the following ways :

Purpose of the processing of personal data .
The data are processed in order to fulfill :
a) to obligations of law / regulation / legislation on taxation and accounting (eg, billing , and keeping of accounting records ) ;
b) obligations and exercise their rights , including through agents , in or out of court , under the contract concluded with you .

The processing of personal data for the purposes referred to in points ( a) and ( b ) above , does not require your consent , pursuant to art. 24, letter . a), b ), c) , d) and f ) of Legislative Decree 196 /2003.

Methods of Treatment .
The personal data will be processed by storing both paper and electronic , in compliance with applicable law and in any event so as to ensure its security and confidentiality .
The data will be processed for the entire duration of the contract and even thereafter in compliance with the legal obligations regarding the keeping of tax records and accounting , after which they will be destroyed .

Provision of Data
The provision of personal data is necessary for the purposes of conducting the activities referred to in point 2 ), and therefore any refusal to provide such data may make it impossible to follow the contractual relations between you and our company .

Scope of Disclosure of Personal Information .
Your personal data may be communicated, for the purposes of paragraph 2 :
a) any bodies or authorities to whom the data are disclosed for legal obligations ( for example, tax authorities , state or local ) ;
b ) companies, agencies or professionals that perform specific tasks on behalf of the undersigned whose purpose accounting , tax or legal ;
c ) credit institutions or insurance companies for purposes exclusively related to operating cash receipts and payments or release of any guarantees provided for the execution of the contract.

Your data , collected and used , may also be communicated to the staff of our office administration and marketing , such as a processor.

Data Controller.
The Data Controller is Passione Antiqua Srl. Viale delle Terme 151 Abano Terme - 35031 - PD Tel. e Fax +39 049 860 22 88 C.F. 02484680240 e P. Iva 04920830280.

Data Processor .
Passione Antiqua Srl appointed person responsible for processing the Tasinato Mr. Simon.

Dissemination of Personal Data.
The personal data are not subject to disclosure , meaning spread to give knowledge to indeterminate subjects in any form , including by making them available for consultation.

Personal Rights .
To exercise the rights under Art . 7 D. Decree 196/2003 , including an excerpt , you can contact the Data Processor , Mr. Simone Tasinato found at the Passione Antiqua. or e-mail

Under ' art . 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 you have the right to obtain:
a) confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him and their communication in intelligible form;
b ) the origin of personal data , the purposes and methods of treatment, the identity of the controller, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents ;
c ) updating , rectification or integration of personal data, in case of interest , and deleted when the treatment ceases for any reason ;
d) to oppose , in whole or in part, and always for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data pertinent to the collection purpose ;
s) to oppose the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication .


We deliver the purchased goods with the agreed method with the client, encouraging the personal collection at our headquarters in Abano Terme, by being guests at a local hotel for a 2-day stay (one night) for 2 persons *. If it’s agreed on the delivery directly at any specific address, we will contact our trusted partner that delivers the selected good in the shortest time possible and within the time limits established by prior personnel arrangement, ensuring safety and integrity. In this case the delivery takes place from the moment Antichi Splendori receives feedback of actual payment, until then the object remains our property

Transportation costs
The cost of insured transportation is included in the price and there are no additional charges at your expense unless extraordinary circumstances such as the particular delivery location, or special packaging size of the chosen goods, in such case the extra charge will be quantified during the final order confirmation.
In case of missed delivery due to the unavailability of the recipient storage costs will be charged to the customer, and will start from the day after the notice of non-delivery of the conveyor left at the specified address in the order form.

Right of Withdrawal.
In addition to the art. 5 Legislative Decree no. 185/1999 in the field of distance selling, our client is better protected with the ability to change the purchased object at any time, without time limits, with the same as with any other desired good, after the evaluation of integrity and preservation of the property.
The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason and without explanation. To exercise this right, you must send by registered letter within 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods.
The goods must then be returned within 10 days from the date of delivery of the goods at the expense of the customer with traceable shipping. We will refund the full amount paid (excluding shipping charges) after the integrity evaluation of the goods. Antichi Splendori is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.

You cannot return or exchange the item if:
• has been manufactured to specifications or clearly personalized;
• the condition or quality has been affected by the consumer (eg. Dirty and spoiled goods, or damaged etc..).


As for the means of payment, we accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Only after the communication of successful payment, we will of course proceed with the delivery of the object as agreed in advance. The object remain property of Passione Antiqua Srl until receipt of full payment.

Our bank details are: IBAN - IT31 X087 2812 1010 0000 0026 663

                                BIC - ICRAITRRK80

Of course all the published prices worth when ordering. The prices refer to items shown according to the description, but may vary depending on the final agreements reached with individual customers. We reserve errors and price changes. All prices are final, inclusive of VAT under the margin scheme pursuant to art. 36 Decree Law 41/1995, as per the rate currently in force in Italy, including shipping charges unless agreed directly with the user. Until further notice we proceed according to the "country of origin", ie sales made in the countries of the European Union we calculate the VAT percentage applied in Italy.


All products are covered by 24 month warranty for defects of conformity, in accordance with Decree 24/02. provided that the product is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use.
In case of defect or damage Passione Antiqua shall, at no additional cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repairing or replacement with any other item, even of different estimated value, until the termination of the contract.
To report a defect simply notify us by email,  the delivery of the item for repair or replacement which shall take place at the headquarters of Passione Antiqua in Abano Terme. The cost and time will be agreed with the customer and researching the best solution for it.



Despite our best verifications and controls, it can happen to receive an item with the signs of aging and damaged, in that case please applydirectly to our office in Abano Terme and phone at +390498602288 or through the mail service We invite you to briefly describe the defect of the goods, for example by marking it with a piece of adhesive paper and if possible send us digital photos that allow us to check the status of the piece.