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Antique furniture and furnishing accessories

Sale of original antique and vintage furniture selected by Passiona Antiqua

A piece of antique furniture that has been kept in good condition is an object whose value can increase over time. It needs to be evaluated and sold by experts in the field, who can bring into play their experience and deep knowledge not only to analyse the object and estimate its value, but also to give advice to clients about maintenance.

  • Early 1900s
  • XIX Cent.
  • XVII Cent.
  • XVIII Cent.
  • Cherry wood
  • Walnut wood
  • Oak wood

The world of antique furniture at Passione Antiqua

Vintage furnishings are actually works of art, just like paintings or silverware. They represent a precise historical period, its style, its culture and the aesthetic taste of that time. A piece of antique furniture from the XVIII century highly decorated with flowers, leaves, blooms and shells cannot but make one think about Rococo, while Baroque furnishing would appear even more massive, majestic and extremely luxurious.

The antique expert cannot remain unaffected by the luxurious look of briar root, the impressiveness of a walnut dresser, the refinement of an antique mirror with frame, or by the refined softness of a French sofa from the XIX century. Chinese antique furnishings, Baroque or Empire Style furniture, antique painted closets and vintage dressers can be very different one from another in style and material.

Our long experience enables us to evaluate the objects properly, to observe, appreciate and understand the main features of a specific historical period, those of the different stylistic elaborations, and of particular production methods used to create furnishings and objects.

In our store in Abano Terme and online on our website, we offer antique furniture of several historical periods and also modern antiquities. All our objects have been carefully sought after and chosen.