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Antique porcelain and ceramics

Original, vintage and modern porcelain and ceramics for sale

Antique porcelain and ceramics are different from the modern ones for some peculiar characteristics. Only an expert eye could distinguish an antique porcelain from a copy, as also the style of a craftsman or a particular historical period from another.

Antique and vintage porcelain and ceramics - and the modern antiquities, as well - are charming as only the antique glass is. These items originate from soil and fire, elements that are converted but still vibrant in the objects. Thanks to the masterful and delicate decorations that result from ancient techniques and secrets, these works of art have timeless appeal, which first spread in China during the VII century, and got to Europe “only” in the XIII century.

The craftsmen of Saxony were the first to succeed in creating porcelain in Europe, and they long kept their techniques to produce Messein porcelain a secret. But once their secret recipe had been discovered, it spread across Europe, and also in Italy. Indeed, Ginori and Capodimonte porcelain items are distinctive flagships of the Italian manufacture, and are loved and demanded all over the world.

A high-quality porcelain item is unique in the world by definition. Each article was cooked many times, handcrafted, shaped and decorated by the skilful hands of an artisan, and, therefore, the objects differ from each other in colour and thickness, imperfections that make each item perfectly unique.

Porcelain - defined as the white gold of XVII century - is characterized not only by translucency, brightness and purity of colour, but also by a pleasing reverberation when touched. That is why, these items are so precious and sought after by collectors.

Capodimonte, Sevrès, Limoges, Ginori are some of the best known names in the field of high-quality antique porcelain, and their creations surely are among the most precious and sought after objects that you can find at Passione Antiqua, both in store and online. Lenci ceramics are of great charms, as well: little statues of naked women, of little animals and much more.