Passione Antiqua is an art antique shop that wants to offer you a wide range of

antique jewelry, Murano glass objects, paintings and various pieces of furniture of art and antiques.

About new products

About new products from Passione Antiqua

About us

With Passione Antiqua we would like to share with you our "passion" for the jewls, and for the beautiful and refined old-world.



Always we take pride to be able to certify each item sold by affixing our signature to the seal and guarantee.


A team made avaible to you for every necessary intervention to give again life and merit to your best pieces


By our web site we are able to realize a valutation service about your articles; we will replay to you as quickly as we can

Sell your items

Want to sell your items or your collections? With Passione Antiqua you propose your choices quickly and guaranteed with no expenses.


Live your passion

We want to give prominence to your passions. If you have a special interest in a sector you will see a preview and review objects owned by us or proposed for publication on the site.


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