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Our over twenty years of experience has certainly taught us one thing: unity is strength!
It is by following this principle that during the years Passione Antiqua has put together a real Team capable and prepared in the various product sectors of our competence. We work with trusted professional experts who help us make all the items we buy shine again.
Furthermore, our team is at your disposal for any intervention necessary to give again value to your antique pieces!

Contact us and we will show you the best solution to take care of your precious objects.


Cristina, professor of restoration is an expert in wood material and gilding. She has intervened with specialist work at the Palazzo Zuckermann, Bottacin Museum, Palazzo Emo Capodilista, Cathedral of Conselve and other bodies or public and private institutions. Dedicated to the restoration of furniture, frames, wooden statues, painted panels, icons, ornaments of various periods from ancient to vintage.

Flavio, watchmaker, since he was a young boy he starts practicing in the family business, where he learnt the art of repairing the automatism of time. Those wonderful machines that each of us use to mark the rythm of his days. In the 37 years of practice, he reached very high levels of specialization also through seminars that the most famous Swiss maison make accessible to the operators of the sector. With him we have revived prestigious mechanisms of the highest quality.