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Antique silverware: rare and precious objects and ornaments

Rare items and silver ornaments of antiques and vintage for sale

The history of silver is millenary: it started with the very first civilizations and has been improved throughout centuries thanks to skilled silversmiths. Although less precious than gold, this malleable material is equally charming. Silver everyday objects have been largely used since ancient times. Thanks to its brightness, resistance and plasticity, silver can be used to create objects which are highly beautiful and shiny. These precious pieces of craftwork convey a sumptuous aspect to the table and to the entire house.

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Antique silverware, everyday precious objects

Silver ornaments, decorative objects, centerpieces, cutlery, chandeliers, jugs: there are hundreds of objects that have been fashioned in silver over time. In the Renaissance silver was the precious metal mostly used to create the everyday objects that the bourgeois and aristocratic families would use. One of the main reasons was that this material was imported from America in great quantities.

At the beginning of the 19th century new social classes started to emerge and the welfare to spread, which gave impetus to the production of silver objects. The industrial production of silverware led to a greater circulation of products in Liberty and Art Nouveau style, especially thanks to the creations of the best-known names of jewelry, such as Cartier, Tiffany and Bulgari.

Nowadays silverware is still a precious possession of families. Today as yesterday, antique silver is among the most sought after and jealously guarded goods, which are not only refined works of art from another time, but also precious family memories.