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Conditions of publication


Through this tested online service our clients are given the chance to publish advertisements about the antiquities and art objects they want to sell. Before being published, advertisements are reviewed, corrected and improved by the team of Passione Antiqua, whose experience ensures a proper evaluation of the objects and guarantees both to the seller and the buyer the best experience of purchase. Moreover, while reviewing the advertisement we also consider the possibility of buying directly the object at issue.

Passione Antiqua acts as professional guarantor for the purchase: the proposer will be supported during the creation of the advertisement, which will be reviewed and improved by our team; the buyer will be guaranteed a proper and safe investment.

That is the difference between us and other online operators: our multiannual experience in the field of antiquities provides safety to buyers and sellers.



The PROPOSER – an easy and fast procedure: fill in the fields with the characteristics you know about the object, add some pictures, read and accept the consent form, and that’s it! After reviewing the info about the object, we will improve both the description and the pictures of the object, and only after receiving your authorization we will publish the final advertisement. Once a client shows his/her interest for the item at issue, we will contact you to discuss the details about the purchase, which you will finalize only with Passione Antiqua.

The BUYER – when you see on our website an object marked with a red G, it means that it is not physically in our store and that it is sold by third-party. When you show interest in buying that item, we will deal with the owner in sight of the purchase. Once we have the object in our store, we analyze it to make sure about the quality of the item and the authenticity of the description provided by the seller. Finally, we will bring you the object on the bases of the previous deal.



When the user create his/her advertisement on, s/he accepts the following regulation and undertakes to respect it while carrying out the actions at issue.
1. The user assumes direct responsibility on the authenticity and truthfulness about the details provided in the description of the object while creating the advertisement on Passione Antiqua.
2. This service – which is provided by Passione Antiqua for free – is reserved for those private users who want to put on sale objects of theirs related to the activity of Passione Antiqua, namely jewels, silver items, paintings, furniture, or any other object related to art, history and collection.
3. The user undertakes not to mispresent him/herself, and to act in accordance with the law in force. More specifically, by checking the box CONSENT FORM the user assumes direct responsibility on the lawful origin of the objects posted on Passione Antiqua, absolving in this way Passione Antiqua on any liability.
4. Passione Antiqua follows the law D.Lgs. 196/03 (Read the Privacy Policy) in regards to the use of personal data for this particular service.
5. It is only permitted to publish contents (texts, images, photos) and information about objects strictly related to art, history and collection. Any abuse will be sanctioned with the immediate suspension of the user’s account and with the contextual cancellation of all the user’s advertisements. Any abuse will also be marked to the local Authorities of Public safety.
6. It is forbidden to publish inappropriate, false, obscene and/or defamatory contents (texts, images, photos) and information, such as contents linked with pornography and/or other illegal activity. Any abuse will be sanctioned with the immediate suspension of the user’s account and with the contextual cancellation of all user’s advertisements. Any abuse will also be marked to the local Authorities of Public safety.
7. The user undertakes not to use the contacts provided on improperly, namely for purposes not linked with the actual aim of this service (e.g. to send advertising and/or promotional material, or to contact users or Passione Antiqua team inappropriately). In case this happens, users are invited to report abuse.
8. The user is solely and wholly responsible for the use of the service and the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the published information. The user is also solely and wholly responsible for his/her behavior while dealing with Passione Antiqua and/or third-party.
9. Passione Antiqua does not receive royalties for concluding negotiations about the products published by third-party. Passione Antiqua serves as filter between the seller and the buyer, ensuring a direct sale/buying to the parties.
10. Passione Antiqua is in no way responsible for possible users’ – both sellers’ and/or buyers’- incorrect behavior, fraud or attempt fraud. Passione Antiqua guarantees the property of the object to the seller up to the moment of the purchase, and a successful purchase to the buyer.
11. In case of infringement of the regulation at issue – that the user endorses when registering him/herself – or of infringement of any national law, Passione Antiqua reserves the right to disable without any previous notice the account of the guilty user and all the contents linked to it.
12. Passione Antiqua cannot be held responsible for the failure to conclude a purchase, whatever the cause may be.
13. These Conditions of Use are to be considered valid both for the seller and the buyers.