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Do you want to sell your antique objects but don't know their value?
We are here to help you!

You just have to send us accurate pictures of the pieces you want to have analyzed and, after a careful study, we will indicate our evaluation. We will specify the value, the ease of availability, and the degree of market demand for your historical objects.

It is in our interest to carefully evaluate what you show us. For us, this is not just the best way to win your trust, but it also allows us to have particular objects that are difficult to find on the market to offer to our other clients.

If you want to sell one of your items, fill in the specific form. We will consider your proposals quickly and seriously.



Estimated Value

Every object uploaded o our site has an Estimated Value by which we give an indication of the average market value. It is derived from traditional commerce, auctions results, and from international sales related to similar objects, with the same technical characteristics.