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Barovier & Toso


In 1890 the Salviati dott. Antonio furnace under the guide of Giovanni Barovier's nephews, Benvenuto and Giuseppe Barovier, became the Artisti Barovier. During their administration, the company reproduced the classical themes of 19th century, such as also the murrine, inspired by floral themes. During the First World War the company temporary moved to Tuscany, and then in 1919 its name was changed into Vetreria Artistica Barovier, whose direction included Ercole Barovier, Nicolò Barovier - Benvenuto Barovier’s son - and Napoleone Barovier - Giuseppe’s son.

In 1926 Nicolò and Ercole took over the management and the artistic direction of the company, producing the prestigious murrine, iridato glass items, vases in blown glass, avventurina items, and the Primavera series, which would have a great success. In 1932, they became the sole owners of the company, and experiment with the warm colouring without fusion, a technique that started to be used in the second half of the 30s. In 1936 Ercole Barovier and Ferro Toso founded the Ferro Toso & Barovier which became the Barovier Toso & C. in 1939. Until 1972 Ercole remained the artistic director of the company, and then his son, Angelo, took his place. From the 80s onwards many artists collaborated with the Barovier & Toso: Matteo Thun, Toni Zuccheri, Renato and Giusto Toso.

Nowadays Angelo Toso and his sons Jacopo and Giovanni manage the company. Among the most precious series it is worth-mentioning Cordonati oro, Morbidi, ZebratiBarbarico and Tot Misia


Items created by: Barovier & Toso