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The comeback of antique, fascinating and iconic brooches for sale in Abano Terme

Brooches are both jewels and accessories which have made men’s and women’s clothes and hats charming, precious and extremely elegant throughout centuries. After being absent from the world of fashion for years, recently brooches have made a comeback as must-have accessory. That is way, today antique brooches are again among the most sought after jewels.

  • Early 1900s
  • 1910s
  • 1920s
  • 1930s
  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • XIX Cent.
  • XVIII Cent.
  • Gold
  • 14 karat gold
  • 18 karat gold
  • Gold and silver
  • Gold and platinum
  • Platinum
  • Mellerio
  • Stato Pontificio

The most fascinating brooches that today the best-known jewelries produce are inspired by antique and vintage creations, whose style, colors, patterns and designs are imitated.
Brooches were first used during the Bronze Age to hold clothes and capes together, and they have always been accessories expressing the creativity of goldsmiths, who have embellished them with refined decorations, gems, precious stones or enamel.

During the 20s brooches reached their greatest splendour and became a must-have accessory to wear necessarily on tweeds, cardigans or hats.

Nowadays the antique Liberty and Decò Art brooches from the beginning of the 20th century are the most sought after and loved among those that you can find at Passione Antiqua - both in store and online. But our collection boasts many other kinds of antique and refined brooches, fashioned in gold or platinum, with diamonds or other precious stones.